During registration for the camp held in Cape Town in April 2023, we asked attendees what they want to learn / explore at the camp, and how they plan to contribute. Below are some of their responses to give you an idea of the possible topics that may be discussed during Coach Camp.

If you want to attend, but your topic is not listed or someone else has already mentioned the contribution you have to offer, don’t worry. As we will be following the OpenSpace format, topics are proposed by the attendees. No agenda is set, until you arrive!

What is your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?
What do you plan to learn / explore at this coach camp?
How do you plan to contribute?
6 years experience Gain new insights from fellow coaches and experience new coaching methods By using my experiences to encourage others
8 years Connecting with like minded coaches/agilists/human beings By bringing at least 1 topic, as well as my guitar 😉
Been on my journey since 2016. Gotten to be part of awesome teams. Still growing each day. Safe success storied and pitfalls Be engaged, helpful and willing to share my good and bad stories
​Work with teams, leaders as agility and coach. I take a systemic and Dialogic approach. ​One of my foci this year is to deepen my systemic practice ​By bringing all of me
I have no experience I’m coming to learn I have always been interested and fascinated with the way of the agile world as it it something I am looking to get into so I am coming to experience what it’s actually about and if it is for me. Actively participating in all activities and giving my all
I have been a full-time Scrum Master for the past 2 years and part of the SUGSA committee for the past year Everything I can! I would like to be a sponge that absorbs every conversation being had. It will be my first camp and second ever Open Space. I have an idea of a couple of topics I would possibly propose but overall I’d love to observe and contribute to convos and discussions where I can.
I have been an Agile coach for the past few years. I have worked with teams that are starting out with Agile for the first time, and also very mature teams. I love love love what I get to do! Anything and everything. I will bring some real-life challenges from the workplace, some interesting topics (e.g. ChatGPT!) and also share some learnings that others can benefit from, or expand on. I will bring a few topics that are top of mind, and also listen and contribute what others bring, with a curious mind!
Been on a learning curve since 2003 Whatever comes up in the flow Wherever I can
Mind is taking a rest. Not sure how to answer this at present. Medium experience I’d like some inspiration from fellow passionate Agilists or wannabes 🙂 By being present, mindful and engaged.
I am a newbee 🙂 My team just started on the Agile journey this year. I attended bootcamp 7 & 8 Feb and CSM 20 & 21 Feb. I attend the scrum COP sessions, and I thoroughly enjoy the learnings shared. My plan is to tap into fellow attendees and soak up as much knowledge as possible. My goal is to equip myself as best I can to be the best Scrum Master for my team – especially since we are NOT in IT and are operational in nature. So applying Agile is different in our environment and I need to learn how best to do so By engaging with other attendees as much as possible.
About 19 years some thoughts:
– why does change take so long to take hold?
– the domino effect: ineffective scrum and how to overcome it
– anything flight levels / kanban
– generating buy-in
I can talk, facilitate discussion, participate in conversation, coach … or just get a massage 😉
I’m not a coach so no experience really 🙂
This will be my first agile coach camp experience.
I think because i have an administrative / operational role in our business and work on my own quite a lot,  I do have a bit of a disconnect with what agile coaches do.

I would like to meet others outside of my immediate work circle (which is small!) and hear/learn from others experiences. Get fresh perspective.

I’m not sure what to expect, but I will be present, open & curious…


Thank you to the sponsors who made Agile Coach Camp CPT 2023 possible

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