During registration we asked attendees what they want to learn / explore at the camp, and how they plan to contribute. Below are some of their responses to give you an idea of the possible topics that may be discussed during the camp.

If you want to attend, but your topic is not listed or someone else has already mentioned the contribution you have to offer, don’t worry. As we will be following the OpenSpace format topics are proposed by the attendees. No agenda is set, until you arrive!

What is your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?
What do you plan to learn / explore at this coach camp?
How do you plan to contribute?
Andrea 7 Years of Scrum Master coaching. 2 years of Agile coaching. It’s been FOREVER since I had face-to-face time with Agilists. This camp will just be to absorb the culture, mindsets and people. Happy to explore/learn anything that comes my way. Happy to share my energy, knowledge and mindset with my fellow Agile people.
Annelie ​I have 2-3 years experience of working with several different Agile teams. ​To learn from others experiences and to explore aspects of being an Agile Coach that I have not explored yet. ​I will bring my curiosity, not just about the agendas, but about people. I will come open to share some wins and some failures from my own experiences.
Bevan I’ve worked with and in Agile teams for 13 years. The last 6 have been in a dedicated coaching role across teams and organizations. I’d love to connect with fellow agilists to share experiences on the last few years. I’d also love to learn more about how others have experienced and grown empathy and emotions in the workplace. I will bring my full self with humility, openness and cringeworthy dad jokes. I’ll also bring at least one session of wine tasting to the marketplace.
Chris I have over 5 years experience as a Scrum Master, over 3 years experience as an Agile coach, over 3 years as a practicing, certified coach and am now training towards becoming an Agile trainer. Create deeper connections with the agile community and gain some knowledge on whatever comes up. I’ll create an agenda item or 2.
Elly Mid-level experience. Various stances a coach can adopt taking into consideration team & org dynamics. Sharing techniques I have tried and staying curious to what other coaches have to offer based on their experiences.
Ilva I have been coaching teams for 15 years, it was self improvements coaching, I discovered the Agile Methodology in 2017 and jumped on the wagon as I never knew my coaching had the same values and concepts and Agile, so for the past 5years I have been involved in coaching recruitment team, tech support and development teams to being agile, I am currently coaching within the company I work for which is based in UK and I am leading an agile driven goal to implements with the current merged product team, finding alignment with our team mates based in UK, Japan and SA, I am the only Scrum master/Coach within the company. I plan to absorb insight and knowledge from others, I want to get to know everyone’s journey and how they dealt with difficult transitions. I want to explore the psychological side of self coaching and this improves coaching others (Filling my own cup). I will definitely be adding to the agenda and participating in conversations, I am extremely passionate about implementing Agile not only within the company but in the external coaching that I’m doing.
Kathija I have been coaching teams for over 5 years. I am very passionate about this. I would like to learn from everyones experience and sharing together. By sharing from my skills and exposure to universal teams.
Kevin I’ve been a coach for quite a few years now. I also was the SUGSA chairman for a few years. Now I head up Growing Agile which is a collection of independent coaches all working to help each other out. looking to meet friends, new and old. Explore new ideas, gain a deeper understanding of concepts I only have a brief knowledge of. And much much more as always with coach camps, something unexpected hits you and its always amazing. Sharing knowledge and experience, networking and making new connections, learning and understanding.
Khwezi I am currently an Agile Coach and trainer, currently working with 2 teams. I have been working with Agile teams now for almost 5years. I hope to further my knowledge to help me continue to thrive on making a difference and adding value and help people and organizations unleash their greatest potential. I hope to network and connect with other coaches, engage with them to share and create ideas. In addition I hope to get a few nuggets that will help me improve my skills and capabilities as a coach. I plan to bring my “whole self” and be fully present to allow me to connect with other coaches, share and create ideas together.
Mpho I’m currently a Scrum Master and aspiring to be an agile coach. Looking to learn from experienced Scrum Masters. LinkedIn Sharing my agile experience and what work and didn’t work for me.
Nadine ​I am a beginner. I love coaching in general so I naturally enjoy getting teams to find solutions. ​Deeply connecting with myself and others. Expaning my agile knowledge and horizons. ​By being my authentic, warm hearted self 🙂
Nivan Started my journey in 2016, I have enabled and uplifted multiple teams since then, I am also a member of the Sugsa Committee, so I am active in the Agile community. Learn from other’s experiences, I am also starting in a new multi-role path, and I am hoping to learn more on the topic of Delivery management. I will engaged and open in our interactions, also helping toward growing a thriving coaching community.
Rebecca I have been in the Agile space for around 3/4 years. I worked at a development house for 2 years as a scrummaster, interacting with the product owners from different start-ups. I served on the SUGSA committee for 1.5 years, involved in the first online conference. I have started my own Agile consulting company and have three different retainers doing various forms of Agile consulting. Currently, I am working with (…), a legal insurance company, introducing Agile on an organisational level. I am also developing a Leadership bootcamp with a lot of emphasis on Agile transformation from a leadership/ exco perspective. I am open to exploring whatever comes up. I would love to learn more practical know-hows on dealing with Kanban and how to design good boards and rules around it. I want to learn more about how to use Agile in non-tech environments which has recently been a focus of mine. And I just want to keep learning! I plan on hosting a session on Agile Leadership as I feel I have focused on this topic at length recently. I also plan to bring my yoga mat and am happy to guide a very basic yoga flow.
Rex It’s a constant journey which has been going for the past 10 years. Interested in others experiences over the past 2 years. At any opportunity which aligns with my knowledge.
Riana I used to be a scrum master for various years, and have moved into coaching for the past one and a half years. I really want to grow my coaching network and just to learn from other coaches in general. I would love to just collaborate with other coaches to broaden my knowledge and share where i can. I am looking for opportunities to broaden support systems to learn and thrive together. I come from a project manager background, and really personally from a environment where it felt like agile was forced on me, but ultimately changed my life totally. I am ready to share my learnings in terms of how agile, working with teams and the mere act of embracing curiosity at a granular level has changed team dynamics and really life in general.
Yas I’m a Business Analyst and spent 9 months (in the last year) being trained as a Scrum Master and performed the additional role within my team. Learn how to break down barriers to change (as a result of Agile) and how Agile can be uniquely implemented based on the type of industry/team. Share the struggles I faced in the last year in my attempts to coach my team on Scrum ways of working and what measures I took to improve my situation – some where successful, some were not successful.
Yogini Been learning about agile since 2015. This is my first coach camp, I’ve only heard good things about previous ones so I’m very excited to experience this for myself. I plan on absorbing new things and practicing what I learn. Listening, sharing and being authentic.

Only a few days until Agile Coach Camp ZA. Will we see you there?