During registration, we asked attendees what they want to learn / explore at the camp, and how they plan to contribute. Below are some of their responses to give you an idea of the possible topics that may be discussed during this Coach Camp.

If you want to attend, but your topic is not listed or someone else has already mentioned the contribution you have to offer, don’t worry. As we will be following the OpenSpace format, topics are proposed by the attendees. No agenda is set, until you arrive!

What is your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?
What do you plan to learn / explore at this coach camp?
How do you plan to contribute?
3yrs in the field; 3+ on theory I am open to the possibilities and have no expectations or preconceived focus areas. I will feel inspired by or build off the conversations closer to the time. Build on, add, share experiences, listen.
I have been coaching teams for 10 years and more in all different kinds of industries New connections, trends , what others are doing and learning. A session on Satir and how I use her work in my coaching. And flight levels
Interest in, learning and active conversations 7 yrs. Actually applying it as Agile Coach 3 yrs. Completed IC agile coach training. Many yrs experience and knowledge of skills like coaching and facilitation, change management etc. To connect with like minded and knowledgeable people to discuss and learn from each other on the application of Agile. To discuss and influence the Agile direction and Journey in South Africa. I know a few people who have said they intend to attend and have attended in previous years so I do believe there will be a wealth of good conversations and debate. I do believe and are told I have useful knowledge and experience to share,  with well over 30 yrs of experience working in corporate many of those in the project and change management and more recently in Agule coaching.  I have a particular interest in bringing together areas I have studied which is Agile, coaching and Neuroscience.
I’ve been a scrummie for 5 years, and now moved into a leadership role The art and science of influence

Tracking value and ROI

I have experiences to share from a dev team within a large corporate

I’ve also studied and practice coaching

I have a wicked sense of humour 😁

I have been a Scrum Master for three years working with Software and Infrastructure Engineering teams. I help facilitate our value stream sessions on a product team level following quarterly planning. I am on a journey to discover my purpose, as well as find a balance between myself as an individual and the work I do – ‘Ships don’t sink because of the water around them; ships sink because of the water that gets in them. Don’t let what’s happening around you get inside you and weigh you down.’ I will actively listen to others and hold the space. Contribute by sharing and being open with the group.
15 years of facilitating, coaching and training Interested in pervasive themes in coaching In the moment
Scrum Master/Servant Leader for approx 3 years. Coached software development teams from waterfall to Scrum. Connecting with others based on shared interests on the theme ‘Inspect and Adapt’ in both work and life. Contributing to break-out sessions and topics. and facilitating a 1 hour reflection workshop on Sunday morning
Mixed. Some are going great, some are very difficult. Make authentic connections and share on a heart level. Bring and share all of me. Suggest 2 topics for the Open Space
I’ve been coaching teams for the past few years… I’ve learned a lot, but there’s much more to learn! New spaces, new journeys, new ideas… new seasons. Facilitate & hold the space 🙂
I have juggled being a Scrum Master in Teams and Coaching across for the last 4-5 years at Old Mutual. I am currently Coaching across the teams in our Wealth ART. Anything and everything… I am open to sharing and learning and enjoying it all.

  • More specifically I’d like to explore the dance between the Internal Coach, Contracted Coach and Scrum Master
  • Discuss and explore SAFe and what anyone believes its limitations are and moving beyond. In fact this goes for any of the Frameworks. Scrum but incorporating
Its exploratory… do we all pull on the different tools in our toolbox and when/how do we do that?
eg the frameworks – SAFe, Scrum, Kanban
I am currently working as an Enterprise Agile Coach at Old Mutual supporting the organisation at enterprise level with the agile transformation. I have extensive experience coaching teams towards being Agile helping individuals, teams and the organisation unleash its potential. Inspect and adapt – I would love to explore how to further grow and develop within myself, I would love to explore the future of Agile within today’s world/society – I plan to bring my entire self to this weekend and give a bit of my soul through my shared experiences of self, others and work life experences
I’ve worked with individuals, teams and organisations since 2004. Gaining my CSM in 2005. Since then I’ve gained many badges, and I’m now focused on organisational agility using Flight Levels. Change beyond the team. What factors stand in the way of lasting change. What factors contribute. I’m happy to bring topics, and participate in others.
I joined coach camp last year and have been implementing some ‘structure’ within my 3-team-mate team and found that it works, now I am looking to explore more ‘Agile’ methods to better produce work I am currently working with other 2 team-mates and we have some ‘structure’ in place since joining coach camp last year. I am looking to explore conversation around small teams and productivity To apply myself fully in all topics, having open conversations and just enjoying myself
I’ve been a Scrum Master since 2009, and a coach since 2016 I’d like to talk about creating a SUGSA Alumni, people who have been on the committee in the past. I’m not sure exactly what that looks like, but with a lot of ex SUGSA committee members likely attending I think it will be the perfect place to start the discussion I’ll bring my full self to the event
I have a wide range of experience coaching teams – been fortunate enough to coach delivery and leadership teams. I would like to explore how agilists can take a more systemic approach to coaching teams and orgs toward being Agile. Are we coaching teams and leaders to be resourced for the future or are our approaches based on yesterday’s weather? How do we answer the So What question effectively? Engage from a place of curiosity and being present for others
I have been working in the Agile space since 2019 :).

I have had 5 years of being in the Agile world and have worked with very different businesses and very different teams.

I now have my own brand of Agile and work independently.

I am so curious to go back as I was an absolute beginner the last time.

Now I will be an experienced coach so I look forward to helping others learn, as well as being open to always learning new things.

I miss the Agile community and have felt quite disconnected recently.

Anyway I can – through conversation, through guidance, through sharing templates etc
Limited Meet like minded people Engage and interact and learn as much as possible
Years of experience … although there is never enough! 🙂 Companies worked with Standard Bank, Nedbank, Mercedes Benz, Vodacom, Old Mutual and various others I’m an open sponge … 🙂 Whatever I can, my experience, my struggles…

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